folk survival club
The Folk Survival Club Biography

Transatlantische folk by Ad van Meurs, Ankie Keultjes and Marjan Cornille (the nightingale from Antwerp).

Ad van Meurs aka The Watchman: guitarist, songwriter and singer is one of the main representatives of transatlantic folk and blues in The Netherlands.
Known as The Watchman he has released more than 11 albums (Jack Clement produced his third album Peaceful Artillery Joe Boyd was involved with the first two Watchman albums The Watchman and Narcisse). He is a versatile fingerpicking and slide guitarist, intrinsic songwriter and engaging performer. He is involved in several musical projects in The Netherlands including:
The Watchmentals: a large international group of musicians performing his instrumental compositions (a great festival experience)
No Blues: A world music project combining traditional Eastern music with American Folk and Blues.
The Watchman and Friends: the original Watchman band, a group of outstanding musicians.
The Folk Survival Club: a folk trio performing original Watchman songs.

Travelling to the States since 1991 Ad van Meurs has built up a large network of singer songwriters and organizes weekly international concert series in different venues in The Netherlands.

Ankie Keultjes
Has been working together with Ad van Meurs for a long time as singer, sound engineer and producer. The initiator of the Americana group The Very Girls, she is deeply engaged in singing folk and country music. She produced several albums of both No Blues and The Watchman and has also produced both Folk Survival Club albums.

Marjan Cornille
Is also known as 'The Nightingale from Antwerp'. She has a very pure and beautiful voice and plays great finger style guitar. She released her own solo album, 'Won't you try', then spent some time at home to be with her two young children before going back on the road with The Folk Survival Club.

After performing his material with several bands Ad van Meurs was looking for female singers to perform his songs in a more 'folky' way, that's how The Folk Survival Club came together in 2008.
The first album 'Break of dawn' was immediately well received by both the press and the audiences, who greatly appreciate the pure vocals, beautiful lyrics and the communicative character of the performances. On their second album, with the somewhat confusing title 'I believe in Rock and Roll', they have polished their unique style even more giving it that 'transatlantic' feel by inviting great musicians like Glen Duncan, Carrie Rodriguez and Gene Williams to join them for the project. Recording in Jack Clement's studio in Nashville with the help of engineer Brooks Watson was a unique experience that contributed to the peaceful and intimate atmosphere of the album.